Restore Nidra + Sound | Peace | Anahata Yoga | 5.28.20

Don’t have time to take the entire class? The restorative pose with sound healing is at the beginning and then bowls will be played again at the end after the nidra.

The affirmation for this Yoga Nidra is: I am at peace.

For yoga nidra find a spot where you can lie down or sit back comfortably. Grab a few sofa cushions or pillows from your bed, a few blankets or towels, and your eye pillow or a folded face towel in place of an eye pillow. Maybe even cover up in your favorite blanket!

You can donate to The Seva Project. Proceeds go to supporting Anahata Yoga teachers and staff. If you can’t donate at this time, its okay, please continue your practice with us!

Time to restore!